These areas have been inspecte, NO ASBESTOS has been located in these areas

This does not mean that there is no asbestos in these areas.

If you encounter a material in these areas or any other location at Steelite that you believe could be asbestos, click the "Report Suspect Material" button below

If you believe that the suspected material is damaged or presents any risk, isolate the area and inform Security immediately. Follow the HSE guidance in such cases. 

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Click on the green numbered squares to bring up more detailed information on the area

The following areas have been inspected, no asbestos containing materials have been located:

 1 - Dish Cell - area of former 'Heaths' building

 2 - Biscuit Warehouse - rebuilt circa 1998

 3 - Distribution - rebuilt circa 1998

 4 - Cup and Flat Shop - upper and lower levels

 5 - Distribution (Main building) built circa 2000

 6 - Gate house (Distribution -Main building) - built circa 2000