This is the site where information is held and made available for the safe and compliant management of asbestos at the Steelite International Ltd, Orme Street, Stoke on Trent site.
The information on this site is updated regularly, such as when actions on asbestos are undertaken, i.e. materials are removed, repaired, located, etc., and at least annually to ensure information is kept up to date, reliable and relevant.
The easiest way to nagivate this site is by using the "Layout" and clicking the area where you intend to carry out works. The navigation buttons above can also be used.  
Note: when clicking any of the "report" buttons, you will be directed to the mobile contact number for Paul Beaumont of BIACS.
NB: An Asbestos Management Survey has been carried out of this site. The most recent Asbestos management Plan (AMP) can be accessed here